Monday, June 13, 2011

naughty, naughty man

Liars often get caught. And when they're narcissistic enough, like Congressman Anthony Weiner, they don't bother repenting: they keep blundering onward, damaging themselves and those around them.

This might be a good time to break out the ol' dick proverb:

Read it in columns from right to left:

bul un shi = mis- fortune time (In a time of misfortune)

dae nam geun = big man root (a big dick)

mu so yong = no use (is useless)

This was my response to a challenge issued by my buddy Mike, years ago, to render a Roman proverb in Chinese. The English version of that proverb was "When your luck runs out, it doesn't matter how big your dick is."

Congressman Weiner is now learning, albeit slowly, the wisdom of this proverb.

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