Thursday, June 30, 2011

pu pu platter

Here. Open your nostrils wide and take in the awesomeness of Justin Yoshida's daughter. (Assuming that the artwork in question really is hers, and that this wasn't simply a cleverly composed photo in which the daughter's shoes were placed on either side of someone else's contribution.)



Justin said...

If someone else shat in my front yard, I'd be posting a photo of my garden rake up their ass. That is 100% Yoshida baby poo poo.

Kevin Kim said...

You know, most parents love to shanghai their friends and force them to watch interminable slide shows of their kids. The experience can be boring as hell for those without kids, but I suspect that a Yoshida family slide show would be far more entertaining: we wouldn't see actual photos of the kids until the final ten or so pictures. Most of the show would be devoted to snot-prints, poop, vomit, and other finger-painting surrogates.