Wednesday, June 22, 2011


Yes, visualize it with me: $2500.

That's what I'm hoping to walk away with this morning. I'm heading out to Jack's auto shop to see about selling my Honda to him. The car's blue-book value depends, as it turns out, on whether I'm planning to trade it in or to sell it outright. The trade-in value for that car, in fair condition, is $3500. For the purpose of an outright sale, the value jumps to about $6000.

I can't expect to get either of those amounts, however, for a car with a shot transmission, so I'm hoping Jack and I can settle at a figure of around $2500. That would be a godsend to me at this point: $2500 would help not only with the first month of car loan payments, but also with other bills. Work at YB has really slacked off over the past few weeks, so I'm once again barely managing to tread water. The jump to better-paying work can't happen fast enough, despite how fond I've become of this job. Money means survival.

Wish me luck. Here goes nothing.


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