Wednesday, June 22, 2011

BigHo sighting?

Reader and friend Hahna sends in a pic snagged from YouTube and asks whether the guy on the left is yours truly:

The gent certainly bears an uncanny resemblance to me, but while it would have been an honor to be part of a Weird Al Yankovic project, the man on the left is not the Big Hominid. As I told Hahna, his man-tits aren't big enough. Hahna did a bit of research and discovered that our mystery dancer is none other than Donny Osmond.

A revelation that now leaves me with much to ponder. Most of it sad.



Charles said...

The resemblance is indeed uncanny... and freaky to boot.

Maven said...

Funny, I didn't know Donny Osmond was a half Korean Mormon! Who'dathunkit?

hahnak said...

or maybe, just maybe, the kevin we all know and love used to ice skate and sing on abc with his sister marie

Kevin Kim said...


I have a cousin named Marie. Intellesting.


Donny Osmond is all races and all religions. "Mormon" is just a label that was recommended by his agent.