Wednesday, June 15, 2011

recent acquisition

It came free in the mail:

I had already configured my phone to accept credit cards, thanks to the Square's free app (sign-up and account linkup are super-simple). The Square itself, which is a miniature credit card slider, plugs into your phone's earphone jack, and allows for easy card-swiping. In addition, transactions done via swiping result in less of a per-transaction deduction (I tend to think of it more as a penalty).

My town has a Saturday and Sunday flea market. As was true in Korea, when I spent some Saturdays at the Huimang Shijang, the local flea market lets you set up an all-day booth for $10 a day. I'll need to load up on sunblock and buy some sort of protective gear in case of rain, along with all the other flea-market niceties, like a decent tablecloth, decent signage, etc. I also need to call and reserve a spot: I've seen the local flea market in full swing, and it can get crowded.

Now: what to sell there? Aside from my soul, that is.


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Charles said...

What to sell? Artwork, obviously.

Depending on how fast you paint, you could offer to do portraits of people in the calligraphic style as well. I'd pay for that, and I bet a lot of other people would, too.