Saturday, May 26, 2018

a short walk

I met my friend Neil and did a brief walk with him from my place at Daecheong Station over to the Apgujeong neighborhood. At the moment where we left the Han River bike path, there was a graffiti-filled tunnel, at the beginning of which was a spray-painted image of Thanos in a Chicago Bulls cap and jersey. I suggested that Neil pull a Robert Downey Junior and pose with his finger in Thanos's ear while I snapped a photo. Neil gamely went along with that, then we walked into Apgujeong and stopped at a local A Twosome Place. After downing some drinks, we headed back to my place by cab, ate some pulled-pork sliders, and talked about a whole range of topics, from politics to psychology.

Our walk was barely two hours long, or about 12,000 steps, according to my pedometer. Neil had to leave around 3 p.m. to meet another friend later in the day; he (Neil, I mean) lives in Masan and is currently up in Seoul, making the rounds. I'll be trundling down to Masan next month: Neil has mentioned that there's a bike path around where he lives, so I might go walk part of that path while I'm down there.

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