Sunday, May 27, 2018

Colion Noir trolls the media

"Fake news" is a problem on both sides of the political aisle, whether we're talking Alex Jones or CNN, but since many people are in denial of this fact, it's sometimes necessary to set a trap whose result clearly demonstrates one or another party's tendency to propagate fake news. In a recent video, NRA rep and YouTuber Colion Noir openly speculated on having the government control how the media report mass shootings. Specifically, Noir suggested banning both the mention of the killer's name and the showing of the killer's face. Immediately after speculating in this fashion, Noir turned around and asked whether we viewers felt outraged at this obvious attempt to curtail first-amendment rights to free speech, then he drove his point home: if you're outraged about an attack on the first amendment, this is how gun owners feel about the media's constant attack on the second amendment.

What happened next was predictable; Noir even predicted it in the video described above: the media went berserk and accused Noir of trampling on first-amendment rights. This led to Noir's followup video, which I've embedded below. This new video is essentially a ten-minute-long "Gotcha," and the point Noir makes is that most media outlets didn't even make it through the above-linked four-minute video: reporters and pundits watched maybe the first 90 seconds and formed their opinions based only on that. They didn't follow Noir's argument to its conclusion, thus misreporting what Noir had been trying to say. A trap was laid, the media collectively fell into it, and Noir quickly recognized the value of that lesson. In the embedded video below, Noir specifically calls out several prominent media sources. In fairness, he notes that a scattered few of those sources did delete their initial rage-tweets and/or changed their position after being called out for their erroneous reporting. Noir's point, though, is that the media reflexively do this: they are primed to distort, and this is a perfect example of that distortion. See why I prefer the alt-media these days?

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  1. First time I have listened to him. He is very articulate and to the point. My favorite line:

    "The Constitution is the Constitution; it's not an a la carte menu."

    He says what many of us already know but he also demonstrates media bias.

    Thanks for sharing,



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