Sunday, May 06, 2018

as prophesied

Yup: the constant rain led to my getting a blistered pinky toe: Mother Nature's badge of courage. I left my motel three hours later than usual—around 8:45AM—to avoid much of the rain, but I still got soaked. Nothing I have is waterproof, a problem I'll have to remedy soon.*

Today's walk was short, but it was a hard slog all the same thanks to the rain, wind, and cold. But perhaps a blister was the price required for this trek: Ya' gotta pay to play was my mantra for much of the walk, which took me from the Techno Motel in Incheon back to the Gayang neighborhood in western Seoul.

Tomorrow is the last leg of my trip; depending on my pain level and fatigue, I ought to be back at my place by early to mid-afternoon.

Some stats:

Steps: 35,779
Minutes walked: 352
Calories burned: 3,193 (really, about 2,800)
Approx. distance walked: 24 km

*One reason why I don't feel much urgency about purchasing rain gear for outdoors activities is that I'm such a sweaty guy: I see little reason to buy something that's going to end up soaked on the inside. What's the frakking point? For me, rain gear makes sense if (1) I'm involved in non-athletic activity, and (2) it's raining really hard. For long hikes like this, during which I work up a sweat, a rain jacket becomes little more than a portable sauna. For that very reason, I wore my blue jacket today as a way to trap a bit of heat, given how cold the breezes were.


John Mac said...

Well, for what it is worth you inspired me to walk in the rain yesterday. I was going to wimp out on my daily hike, then thought of you slogging along the riverside, and so I got off my lazy ass.

Good job on the hike, the blister is a small price to pay....

Kevin Kim said...

Over the past couple years, you've taken walking far more seriously than I have, so on no account can anyone ever accuse you of laziness. That said, I'm glad you did the rainy walk. Hope it was worth it!