Wednesday, May 09, 2018

rumblings will have to wait

I had to wake up early for a 25th-anniversary celebration that started at 9AM. The "invitation" (attendance was actually mandatory, which sucks all the fun out of an already-joyless experience) said we needed to be there by 8:30AM; I took a taxi and ended up arriving at 8:50AM. No one said a thing as I took my seat. After four hours of droning speeches and half-assed musical numbers put on by our own staff, I'd had enough, so when it was announced that the pause was merely an intermission, I got up and fucking left, cabbing back to the office... which proved to be dead quiet because everyone was still at the damn gala.

Anyway, the Thing That Affects My Future can't happen until I meet with a certain higher-up in my company. We were supposed to meet yesterday, but he didn't show. I'm about to leave the office early, since my day started early thanks to the gala, and the guy still hasn't shown up. So I guess he and I won't be meeting until tomorrow or sometime later this week. Once I'm done with that meeting, whenever it occurs, I'll have a better idea as to whether I'll be staying with the Golden Goose or finally saying goodbye after three years here.

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