Thursday, May 24, 2018

a tale of two "burgers"

This is the Impossible Burger from Impossible Foods:

And this is the Moving Mountains vegan burger:

Judging purely on the visuals, I have to give it to the Impossible Burger. Moving Mountains feels like a ripoff, when you hear the listing of its similar ingredients, and it looks unpleasantly like a hockey puck made of spam. I've seen enough reviews of the Impossible Burger (whose bloodiness comes from an ingredient called heme, which can be found in both certain plants and all animals) to know that I definitely want to try it whenever I'm back in the States. On balance, reviewers almost universally note that the Impossible Burger doesn't taste or feel completely like real meat, but that, if you were to give it to someone without saying it was vegan, there's a good chance the eater wouldn't even notice that fact.

FYI, I've blogged, somewhat obliquely, about vegan burgers before.

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