Tuesday, May 15, 2018

people have no clue what an angel looks like

Rampant online idiocy as people flip out about a screen shot that originally came from a motion-activated security camera. The image purportedly shows an "angel" hovering benevolently over an SUV:

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Most likely, what you're looking at is a moth, so calm down, guys.

Wanna see a real angel? Here—this was a viral photo a few years ago. It shows John Unger and his dog Schoep, who was old and suffering from debilitating arthritis at the time the following photo was taken:

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One of the most touching images I've ever seen. If that man's not an angel, I don't know who is. You don't have to look around for magical beings to find real magic. Right in the here-and-now, right in front of your nose, there are angels everywhere. Just open your eyes.

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Anonymous said...

I have had many contacts with angels. At my age I seem to attract people being nice, offering to help, doing random nice things. One I particularly treasure, I was sitting at a table at Kings Island waiting for my wife to bring our dinner out from the restaurant. Out of nowhere two little girls gave me a paper cup with a Japanese lilac in it. It just made my day. I don't worry much about metaphysical angels. I think they exist, but not the way usually portrayed. I am more interested in the nice things people do for people...those are real angels.