Friday, May 18, 2018

the ad

I created a goofy "ad," of sorts, as a way of inviting the IT team that works next door to come to the pulled-pork luncheon that I'll be hosting this coming Friday, May 25. I quietly printed out two copies of the ad, one for the IT team (which they have dutifully taped to one of their walls), and one for our office. I stuck the latter ad on the side of our fridge, using some McDonald's fridge magnets. When our resident graphic designer, a young Korean lady, saw my ad, she burst out laughing and couldn't stop. She ended up taking a picture of the ad, presumably to show off to her boyfriend and other friends later. Anyway, here you go:

Upper-left corner: Kevin's
Main text: Pulled-pork Festival
Blue box: May 25 (Fri.); 1:30PM; R&D Office; Welcome!

I'm rather proud of my expression, which is probably the reason why our graphic designer was laughing so hard. The tacky yellow aura is just icing on the cake.

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