Friday, May 04, 2018

resting my bitch face

The walk to Gayang Bridge and the EG Hotel took 7.5 hours, which is faster than I thought it would go. I must have been channeling some of John Mac's spirit because, at least for the first three hours of today's walk, I was marching along at nearly 7000 steps per hour, almost a full thousand steps per hour more than is my usual step rate. Go figure.

The good news is that the pain in my feet is minimal; that was a large concern because, last October, when I walked to Incheon, I weighed about 116 kg, and right now, I'm back to my pre-Busan-walk weight of 126 kg. Here's hoping that whatever sturdiness carried me through today will last another three days. Is it too much to hope that I survive this trek blister-free? Keep those fingers and tentacles crossed.

ADDENDUM: 47,527 steps walked, and about 4000 calories burned.

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John Mac said...

As we were prone to say in the 70s, Keep on Truckin'!