Tuesday, May 01, 2018

karmic justice at last!

The blog ROK Drop often gets the drop on the juiciest peninsular news items of the day. Today, we learn that "nut rage" diva Heather Cho (Cho Hyun-ah), the Korean Air executive who rose to her position in the airline thanks to family connections, and who violently lost her temper when she felt she had been served macadamia nuts in an improper manner, will likely be ushered out of her own family: her husband has filed for divorce, and there is a chance she might lose custody of her children.

It's not often that the cosmos metes out proper justice to bitches and assholes, but this news is extremely satisfying to me. I realize I'm being a cruel asshole myself by asking this, but what are the odds that Dame Heather of Macadamia is going to end up killing herself? In Korean society, there's little worse than being cast out from the flock. Total rejection by peers and loved ones often results in suicide because this is a group-first culture: one's identity isn't tied to one's individuality—it's tied to one's personal connections and social status. Cho has already served time in prison, and she has also lost her executive-level job. Losing her husband and kids could well be the final straw. Am I dark and evil if I say, "I hope it is"?

If she does off herself, I'll eat a Reese's NutRageous in her honor.


John Mac said...

Perhaps this will be an opportunity for her to learn some humility. I'd rather see her devote the remainder of her life to making amends for her hurtful behavior than to see her take the cowards way out.

Not saying a leopard can change her spots though...

Kevin Kim said...

You're a far nicer man than I'll ever be.