Friday, May 18, 2018


I normally don't find conservative political cartoons that funny. Conservative wit tends to be dry and tweedy, producing little more than a weak chuckle. It's the rare rightie political cartoon or meme that puts a smile on my face, but thanks to Bill Keezer, who constantly emails a barrage of images and links to articles, I finally saw some toons and memes that passed my personal litmus test for amusement:

Just to clarify: I'm not what I'd call anti-abortion; I think abortion is actually justified in certain circumstances. What I liked about the above meme was the inconsistency that it targeted. I'm sure, though, that there are plenty of egg-eating liberals to whom the above does not apply, so if a liberal were to say that the meme is straw-manning, I'd at least partly agree.

ADDENDUM: I anticipate that at least one wiseacre is going to leave a "meh... not funny" comment. Well, bring it!


Charles said...

meh... not funny.

(Didn't want to disappoint you.)

Kevin Kim said...

Yes. Thank you.