Saturday, June 02, 2018

a day of errands

Today, I put on my errand-boy hat and go shopping. I'm watching "Solo: A Star Wars Story" tomorrow with JW and the boy, and we're doing an after-movie dinner of burgers and dogs, so I have to shop for that. I'm also prepping for a gathering on June 9 with my friends Charles, Tom, and Patrick. That's going to be a meal of Middle Eastern chicken and L.A. galbi, so I need to get the ingredients for that. Later in the month, on June 22, I'm hosting an office luncheon for 15 people (the SIS—or "System In System"—department); this will be Brazilian moqueca, a seafood stew with a coconut-milk base (I've done it before). I'm not buying ingredients for that event quite yet, but I'll be thinking about it.

I also need to hit Itaewon for the sandals mentioned in my previous post; a coworker gave me a good recommendation as to where in Itaewon to shop for them. I'm also reconnoitering the High Street Market situation to see whether the place suddenly went out of business (I doubt it did; I imagine it's simply undergoing renovation); if High Street is up and running, I'll buy some figs and couscous for my Middle Eastern chicken. If, for whatever reason, High Street is closed, I'll head up the hill to another foreign-foods store, which ought to have what I need.

The first bit of shopping is already done: I purchased quite a few things from my building's grocery. Next up: Costco, where I'll buy ground beef, hot dogs, buns, and a 15.1-liter stock pot that has been seductively cooing at me for the past couple of weeks. This will be crucial for when I make the moqueca: I've got to feed 15 people, so I need a large pot to hold all that stew. After Costco, I'll hit Itaewon for the footwear and for High Street. I've got my work cut out for me, it seems. This promises to be a long but fruitful day.

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