Saturday, June 16, 2018

deep penetration

I hope you'll enjoy this How Ridiculous video as much as I did. I've been watching these goofy Aussie blokes for a while, now; their shtick is that they climb a local tower from which they toss various objects onto the sandy ground below. The drop from the tower's pinnacle is about 45 meters, which means that most objects pick up a good deal of momentum and crash rather dramatically upon impact. The boys have done stuff like toss bowling balls onto axe blades; they've also set up a beat-up old car in the impact zone and tossed objects like darts at it. In the video below, the boys have gotten hold of a gigantic lawn dart that's heavier than three crowbars, with the object being to launch the dart into various targets to see how deeply it penetrates them. Targets include cardboard boxes, fluffy pillows, reams of photocopier paper, rubber gym mats (the interlocking, puzzle-shaped kind), and even a few large rolls of bubble wrap. I found these tests strangely satisfying—probably because I was imagining people I hate getting speared through the gut, or the face, with that huge fucker.


Charles said...

So I guess it was you that introduced me to these guys. I find them strangely addictive, and I can't quite explain why. It's not just the videos where they drop stuff from the tower. They're just fun to watch in general.

And, if nothing else, I've learned from these guys that a bowling ball dropped from 45 meters will emit a cartoon-like whistling sound as it plummets to earth.

Kevin Kim said...

Was I the one? I don't recall. It's funny, too, because they're doing basically the same shit in every video, yet it's kinda riveting, watching stuff fall at high speeds. Did you see the one where they were in another country and dropped stuff off a local cliff? (One does wonder about environmental impact, pollution laws, etc.)

Oh, yeah: I also like them because, thanks to whatever part of Oz they're from, they all have this drawl that makes them sound perpetually half-drunk.

Charles said...

Are you talking about the videos where they dropped the stuff off the top of the damn to test the Magnus effect? Otherwise, I'm not sure if I've seen the one you're referring to. (Although they do mention at one point that they pick up everything they drop. They don't seem like the kind of guys to go around the world littering.)

And, yeah, the drawl is amusing.

Kevin Kim said...

I need to see the video again, but I think they were, rather dangerously, at a cliff's edge.

Kevin Kim said...

Update: the one I saw was indeed a Magnus Effect video, but it was the followup to the one you saw. In the vid I saw, they're at some cliff somewhere. I think they're in another country, but I'm no longer sure.