Friday, June 22, 2018

dat Melania, she say she DON' CARE

Yet another reason to squawk and flap over a Trump's deeds:

The full text of the coat says, "I REALLY DON'T CARE. DO U?" The timing of the coat, which Melania wore into the hot climate of Texas, seems to coincide with all the furor over the separation of illegal-immigrant families. Is this an example of Melania helping The Donald troll the public in a gesture worthy of Marie Antoinette? The liberals in my office seem to think so: they perceive this as a demonstration of lofty indifference to the plight of immigrant children, consistent with the now-outdated view that Republican = rich and out of touch. (Have you noted the political affiliation of the 1% lately? Pretty much all Democrats: Soros, Zuckerberg, Bezos, Gates, et al. They far outnumber the Murdochs and Kochs.)

Paul Joseph Watson on the whole family-separation flap:

Styx's take:

Seen on Gab—hilarious and sad and morbid all at once:

NB: Trump just signed an executive order prohibiting the separation of families at the US border. This defangs leftist-Democrat bellyaching about how inhuman/subhuman/demonic the policy is (keeping in mind that the policy actually dates back a couple administrations and was not original to Trump, who merely chose to enforce preexisting policy—something his predecessors weren't inclined to do). Of course, the left won't be satisfied with this move. Give an inch, and they'll take a mile. Nothing less than Trump's ouster, followed by his replacement with the proper Democrat, will satisfy. Whether Trump's signing of the EO was a smart maneuver is yet to be determined. I see it as potentially a judo-ish move, but in terms of optics from the right side of the aisle, it looks and feels a lot like caving in.

Something to keep in mind:

1. The family-separation policy predates Trump.
2. Previous presidents have sequestered children and other family members in cage-like camps. Photos from Obama's administration have been flooding the internet of late.
3. It's hypocritical to be outraged about the separation of families, an event that occurs all the time whenever, for example, a male criminal who happens to be a father gets arrested and jailed for some crime. Families are forcibly separated on a routine basis. Where's the outrage about all the other instances?
4. One crucial purpose of the family-separation policy was specifically to help illegal-immigrant children by keeping them from the clutches of kidnappers whose goal is to throw children into sex-trafficking rings. This fact seems to have been buried under the rugby-pileup of the current acrimonious debate.
5. Instead of blaming current policy, how about focusing on the recklessness with which Mexican parents are endangering their children by putting them in such a situation to begin with? Are these parents blameless?

With thanks to Bill Keezer, I saw this from Patriot Post:

To be fair, "selective outrage" is an accusation that cuts both ways. You don't have to dig deep to find the same phenomenon on the right, albeit about different issues.

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John Mac said...

Spot on as usual. The hypocrisy of the left on this issue is even more sickening than usual. I honestly try hard to not even engage these sheeple regurgitating whatever talking point they are being fed by the media. Critical thinking appears to be outside most liberals capabilities these days.