Sunday, June 03, 2018

don't give Sherlock no shit

Here's your bit of uplifting news for the day: Benedict Cumberbatch fights off four attackers who were beating up a bicycle deliveryman. Cumberbatch was riding with his wife in an Uber car when he saw the altercation, which took place close to Sherlock Holmes's fictional residence at 221B Baker Street. The Uber driver also got out to help, but later told reporters that Cumberbatch was the one who did the most to help the deliveryman. Cumberbatch was similarly humble afterward, rejecting claims that he was a hero for what he had done.

I might not share the man's political views, but my hat is off to him for his good deed.

Well done!

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Charles said...

Well, Sherlock always was pretty handy with his fists. Those yobs are lucky he didn't have a fighting stick on him.