Friday, June 29, 2018

Brick Oven redux

This evening, after work, I went to Brick Oven Pizza again, this time to have a bit of a premature celebration-for-one for having moved. (I say "premature" because my place is still a mess, and organizing my new domicile is going to take a while—from days to weeks, in my estimation. This move is far from over.) I ordered the "Rodney's Favorite" this time (bacon, sausage, pepperoni), and I must say: the tomato sauce wasn't even slightly watery. I'll have to make a third trip, at some point, to get a better idea of Brick Oven's tomato-sauce baseline: watery or not? We need more data!

The big disappointment tonight was that I got there at 9:25 p.m., and the kitchen was already closed, which meant I couldn't order any appetizers. Brick Oven closes at 11 p.m. on Fridays; you'd think the kitchen would stay open until at least ten. That was a definite downer, and I've mentally recorded that sin in my personal Book of Life.

I also had only a single glass of Coke; no refills were offered. This is par for the course in most Western-style Korean restaurants: they tend to be very stingy when it comes to drinks. I don't know why, considering the enormous profit margins for beverages (at McDonald's, for example, it costs the company under 10 cents to make and hand over a large Coke to the customer, who pays $1.50 for it). All in all, Brick Oven ranks as okay, as New York-style pizza joints in Korea go. As a former coworker of mine once said, "It's not blowing me away."

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