Friday, June 29, 2018

bits of suck and not-suck

One thing I don't like about the new place is the internet connection, which was set up yesterday. It took two guys to do it, and I'm not convinced the connection is all that stable. The physical connection to my computer may have problems, and interruptions in data flow cause problems for my cell phone: at my place, I normally switch my cell phone to Wi-Fi and use my laptop as a Wi-Fi hot spot. As long as a Wi-Fi signal is emanating smoothly from my computer, my phone has no problem. But with this new, erratic connection, my phone is constantly jumping from Wi-Fi to LTE. If this continues beyond a week, I'll have a talk with our building's concierge. You can't watch YouTube in bed, on your phone, when the connection keeps shuffling back and forth between Wi-Fi and LTE. Very annoying, that.

Come to think of it, I need to talk to our building's admin staff about my monthly "rent" bill (it's actually an admin fee plus electricity, the cost of which varies every month; the Golden Goose pays my rent for me as part of my employment package): the bill normally arrives in my mailbox by the 3rd of the month, but given the awkward date on which I moved, next month's bill might arrive in my now-former 6th-floor mailbox, and not in the 14th-floor mailbox, where I am now. Another thing I need to resolve is the fact that the 14th-floor mailbox is locked for some reason; someone needs to come over with a key and unlock that sucker. The housing guy at our company told me something like, "It's locked? Well, just use your hands (to open the mailbox and/or retrieve the mail)," but the problem is that my hands are too big to fit through the mail slot to pull out any bills or letters, and when I probed the lock's reverse side (inside the mailbox) with my fingers, I discovered that you can't use your hands to rotate the tongue of the lock to the side to open the mailbox: you need a key. Another question/request for the concierge.

In other, un-sucky news: two days in a row, I encountered this very pretty foreign lady in the elevator (I must have taken thirty or more trips between the 6th and 14th floors yesterday); the first time I was stepping into the elevator, she was already there. Our eyes locked, and she gave me an informal "Hey!" in greeting, despite the fact that we don't know each other at all. I immediately registered how cute she was. That was Wednesday night. Last night, we met in the elevator again, and when we spoke, I discovered the lady was Australian—she had a very strong accent. "It's every day, now!" she said this time, referring to two coincidences in a row. I explained I was shuttling between the 6th and 14th floors; she said she hoped the new apartment was better, and I told her it was. Not much else happened, alas; I missed the chance to take things further. No matter; those were entertaining encounters in and of themselves.

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