Friday, June 15, 2018

KMA tomorrow

As I mentioned earlier, I was surprised to learn I'd be doing a KMA session this Saturday, June 16, but I guess the company managed to scrounge up enough students to justify a class (KMA cancels if fewer than three students sign up). I haven't asked the office how many students I've got tomorrow, but I imagine it's three or four. I'll be teaching my online-research course; previous classes have found the concepts and techniques useful, so here's hoping that the new batch of students will be similarly satisfied.

That's not the end of my Saturday, however: I've got to hit Costco to grab the seafood I'll be needing for our June 22 office luncheon of Brazilian moqueca. I'll be snapping up scallops, jumbo shrimp, and tilapia, which I think of as the poor man's cod. On Sunday, I have to shop for some upgrades to the current in-office setup: we need sturdy, non-disposable plates and bowls, metal utensils, and a designated place to put everything, like a small bookshelf. Costco sells cheap metal forks, but I didn't see any spoons, knives, or chopsticks. Those may be hiding somewhere; I might have missed them. If there's nothing at Costco, I'll hunt supplies down on Sunday, which is when I plan to stroll through the Jongno/Euljiro district.

Busy days ahead.

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