Saturday, June 09, 2018

KMA gig and dudes coming over

I've gotten so used to having my KMA gigs canceled that it was a surprise to receive a text message from KMA, on Friday afternoon, saying that my June 16 gig was indeed on. Well, good: that'll be nearly W500,000 for July (unless KMA pays early, which is does do quite often); I could use the money.

In other news: I've got a few guests coming over today (Saturday). I'm prepping the main meal (Middle Eastern chicken and Korean galbi); my buddy Charles is making flatbread, which he plans to finish up at my place (I've fielded requests for flour, a rolling pin, and a stainless-steel frying pan). Right now, I've got dried chickpeas burbling away in a slow cooker, plus galbi marinating nicely in the fridge. I'll prep the chicken the rest of the way come morning, and I'll cook the short ribs up in the early afternoon. Night, all. Sleep tight.

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