Tuesday, June 26, 2018

Zero Hedge on the Mueller investigation

Mueller has had over a year, and he hasn't found anything substantive on Trump. It's time to pull the plug on this waste of time and money, don't you think? But no... Trump's enemies are desperate to find something on the man, so the charade must continue à tout prix...

And Just Like That—the Mueller Investigation Was Over

Comment: I like where the article is going, but a lot of it feels more like wishful thinking than actual reality. The probe will end when it ends, and nothing of consequence will happen to Mueller himself because, these days, that's how "justice" works.


Surprises Aplenty said...

Kevin, I am confused here. As a spectator to it all, events sure look like Mueller's investigation is actually finding substantial details. 5 people close to Trump have been convicted, many others indicted.

In a related way, Kushner's changes to his disclosure of meetings with foreign officials and representatives, from I think zero to more than 100 point to a need for an investigation. They definitely point to Trump's family and it is reasonable to suggest Trump himself.

To me, it appears that, even if Trump were exonerated, the arrests and convictions made already show that Trump's group, if not he himself were plotting with Russia. The best for Trump that I can see is that he was played by members of his own staff.

" hasn't found anything substantive on Trump"
5 convictions of people close to Trump. How is this not substantive?
A quick look at a few American political investigations shows Clinton & Whitewater slowly changing to Lewinsky: 4+ years, Watergate: 2+ years. Even Duke Cunningham's corruption investigation took 2+ years. I only looked at investigations I had already heard of so I can't say these lengths are typical, only that this length of time is not noteworthy on its own. Mueller has been at it for a little more than a year. It seems to me that Mueller has been working at a reasonable speed, has been reasonably successful and there is enough smoke that Mueller is honestly looking for the fire.

" nothing of consequence will happen to Mueller himself because, these days, that's how "justice" works."
I have not heard that Mueller has done anything but his job. He seems to be holding back on issuing a subpoena on the President. I don't care for 'whatabout-ism' but his work appears to me to be less political and more focused than Ken Starr's investigation of Clinton.

Kevin Kim said...

People like Manafort may have been guilty of dealings with Russia from years back. Pretty much all of the people around Trump who are under scrutiny are under scrutiny for things that took place long before the 2016 campaign. None of this is relevant to Trump. At this point, after a more than a year of digging, you'd think Mueller would have something more, but he's got nothing direct about Trump.

Styx says it better than I can here. There's even more if you visit Styx's page and type "Mueller" in his channel's search window.

King Baeksu said...

5 people close to Trump have been convicted, many others indicted.

Of what? Unrelated corruption from years ago and bullshit "process crimes"?

Even if Trump "colluded" with Russia, how is that a crime? It's not, because Hillary Clinton did that very thing herself with the Uranium One deal and she's still a free woman, isn't she?

Wake up, my friend. Inadvertently or not, you're shilling for an attempted coup. The American people have spoken. Deal with it.

Mueller’s Fruit of the Poisonous Tree

King Baeksu said...

At this point, you should probably steer clear of anyone who still believes the "Russia collusion" narrative. They're likely not all there.