Thursday, June 07, 2018

film analysis of the educational kind

I found this side-by-side comparison of two Jurassic Park movies to be quite enlightening:

My only quibble with the video's premise is that I don't think the 1993 movie counts as great; it's merely very good. The commentator in the video makes the point that one of the flaws of "Jurassic World" is the way in which the human protags become mere bystanders to a dino slugfest. He says this as if this doesn't apply to the 1993 movie, but it does, and this is one of the 1993 movie's great weaknesses: in Michael Crichton's novel Jurassic Park, Dr. Alan Grant is actually quite the proactive badass: he takes down several velociraptors by out-thinking them. Grant's agency is erased in the Spielberg version of the story, his heroism sacrificed at the altar of CGI critters. Aside from that problem, though, I enjoyed the video.

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Charles said...

Given my grips about the previous film analysis, I suppose I should say that I did find this interesting (even though I didn't see Jurassic World and have no intention of doing so). I agree with you that the original film probably doesn't qualify as great.