Thursday, June 21, 2018

is this guy for real?

This has to be a comedy sketch and not a loudly autistic Irishman who's unintentionally funny. Right? Anyway, meet Sir Stevo Timothy. I wanna hear him say, "Dey're maahgickly delicious!" He's like a leprechaun with Tourette's.

I admit I had to look up "Westlife" to understand the final joke.


Charles said...

I think he might just be a funny Irish guy. I once worked with a guy with Tourette's and that's an entirely different ball game.

Also: Not knowing who Westlife are kind of kills the whole thing, I would imagine.

Kevin Kim said...

Was your colleague anything like Tourette's Guy?

I could guess about Westlife based on context, but yeah, it would have helped to know the group before seeing the punchline to this joke.

Charles said...

I'm not familiar with Tourette's Guy, but my colleague had some fairly severe tics. I think most people confuse Tourette's for coprolalia (which, as you have probably figured out already, literally means "shit talking"); the latter sometimes manifests alongside Tourette's but is not necessarily part of it. My former colleague did indeed often say inappropriate things, but he was also able to control himself if he made a concerted effort. The tics he seemed to have a much more difficult time controlling.

Kevin Kim said...

This may be Tourette's Guy's most viral video. Full disclosure: there's some mystery as to whether the guy really has TS. He used to have a website where he talked about what life with Tourette's was like; fake or not, it was fascinating reading.

Charles said...

Wow. If that dude is not faking, he has a pretty severe case combined with some of the worst coprolalia I've ever seen. I wonder if he's just letting go for the camera; if that is his baseline normal, he would have a really hard time in society.