Wednesday, June 20, 2018

Chris Pratt makes a speech

Positioning himself as the anti-De Niro, Chris Pratt recently received an MTV Generation Award (I have no idea what such an award represents; this is the first I've heard of it), the acceptance of which gave him the opportunity to offer a nine-item list composed of pearls of Prattish wisdom, including "You have a soul: be careful with it," "God is real," and "Learn to pray." I won't touch Pratt's theology (which is what conservative sites are all aflutter about; it's important to note, too, that immediately after speaking about God, Pratt expounded on how to minimize odor when taking a shit at a party), but I thought some of the other items on his list made for good life advice, such as "Don't be a turd" and "Doesn't matter what it is—earn it."

It's a shame Pratt divorced the lovely and hilarious Anna Faris; I thought they'd made a good Hollywood power couple. But Hollywood marriages are rarely built to last; here's hoping Pratt ends up with someone with whom he can have a lasting, fulfilling relationship. Meanwhile, we can be thankful that Pratt didn't use his platform to shout "Fuck Trump!" the way the classless Robert De Niro did. Here's a gent speaking his mind on De Niro.

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