Thursday, June 28, 2018

Ave, Dr. V!

Dr. V offers a 2018 version of his essay, "What is Wrong with Illegal Immigration?"

Here's an excerpt:

1) First of all, we must insist on a distinction that many on the Left ignore, that between legal and illegal immigration. Libertarians also often elide the distinction. The elision is aided and abetted by the use of the obfuscatory term 'migrant' which manages to conflate two distinctions at once: that between immigrants and emigrants, and that between legal and illegal immigrants.

Language matters here as elsewhere and one must oppose the linguistic mischief of those who speak of 'undocumented workers' to hide the fact that the law is being broken. It is also important to say, once again, that illegal entry is a violation of the criminal code. It is not a mere civil violation.

Legal and illegal immigration are separate, logically independent, issues. To oppose illegal immigration is not to oppose legal immigration. We assume, then, that no one should be allowed to enter illegally. But why exactly? What's wrong with illegal immigration? Aren't those who oppose it racists and xenophobes and nativists whose opinions are nothing but expressions of bigotry and hate? Aren't they deplorable people who cling to religion and guns? Doesn't everyone have a right to migrate wherever he wants?

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King Baeksu said...

If borders have no meaning, the sovereignty of a people also has no meaning.

If the state no longer recognizes and respects the sovereignty of its people, it is no longer legitimate and should fear for its continued existence.

The state must serve the nation. No nation should be a mere servant of the state.