Thursday, January 16, 2020

are you a US leftist who sympathizes with Iran?

First, dear leftist, I'll observe that it's not a surprise to see you once again standing against your own country. I'll further note that you're a hypocrite for not leaving the country if you hate it so much. Seriously: depart. Fie! Begone! Why be a parasite sucking the blood of a creature you detest? Find fulfillment elsewhere! Frankly, we don't need your kind. Next, I'll direct you to this heartfelt post by Dr. John Pepple, in which he explains Iran's history when it comes to dealing with leftists. Long story short: Iran's government would love to kill you, just as they killed thousands of leftists in the not-so-distant past. To the theocrats currently in charge, you're a decadent Westerner with a disgusting love of butt sex and scantily clad women. So ask yourself: why on earth would you support this regime or even sympathize with it? Because you somehow think Donald Trump is worse? If you're so retarded that you don't realize Trump would never in a million years have you thrown off the top of a building, then there's really no reason for you to remain in country. Fuck off.

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John Mac said...

Ignorance abounds. The dichotomy of Buttigieg supporting Iran, a regime that openly hangs folks for the "crime" of being homosexual, is mind-boggling.