Thursday, January 16, 2020


I quietly left Gab, the free-speech competitor for Twitter, this past December. I also left Parler, so I'm now free of all social-media attachments. Gab was an unpleasant experience, what with all the rightie bigotry on display. Parler was just boring.

Today, I sent in a request to delete my Photobucket account, which has been non-functional for months. I have a ton of images hosted on that site, but I'm paying $70 a year to see "image not available" tags on my blog for every embedded image hosted on that site. Photobucket's account-deletion procedure requires the user to send an emailed request instead of going through a multi-step auto-deletion process. I don't know when I'll be hearing back from the Photobucket team, but it'd better be fucking soon.

One hitch is that my login for the Photobucket account is "beeeghominid," which was linked to a different email address from the one I normally use. I don't know whether that email address still exists, and even if I did, I'm not sure I'd know how to log back into it.

Ah—I just got a neutral-sounding bot reply from Photobucket:

Hi Bighominid,

This is an auto-response from Robert, the Photobucket robot, letting you know that we've received your message. You've reached us outside of our normal business hours. Our support team is here to assist you Monday through Friday, 8 am to 5 pm MST (UTC -7). Due to the high volume of tickets we've received, our response time is longer than usual. We thank you for your patience at this time.

Once the support team begins to process your ticket, it will be processed based on the original time the ticket was received.

Additionally, you can find more help articles and information on our FAQ page:

Thank you for your patience as we try to answer questions as soon as possible!

(The Photobucket robot)

"Hi Bighominid." No vocative comma. The robot's an illiterate asshole.

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John Mac said...

"No vocative comma. The robot's an illiterate asshole."

Hey! That's no way to talk about my brother from another (robotic) mother!