Wednesday, January 22, 2020

that "pro-gun" rally in Richmond

Styx notes that, to the disappointment of lefties everywhere (and to the probable chagrin of blackface/Klan-hood-sporting Virginia governor Ralph Northam), the pro-2A rally in Richmond, Virginia, went smoothly, with no outbreaks of violence. Those who'd been expecting Charlottesville II: Let's Run Over Another Woman will now have to deal with the fact that gun owners tend to act responsibly.

See here, too. And apparently, an agent provocateur was caught before he could stir shit up.

Then there's this heartening interview:

Colion Noir tweets:
"The only anti-gun ppl you’ll see in Virginia on the 20th will be the government[,] and they’ll have guns. Think about that for a second."

As for the myth that the gun rally was a convention for white supremacists: see here, and be sure to watch the first video.

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