Sunday, January 26, 2020

who's in the bubble, again?

One thing you can be sure of is that the left and the right will use exactly the same language when casting aspersions on each other: they'll accuse each other of bigotry, of some form of totalitarianism, of stupidity, and perhaps most of all, of detachment from reality.

Over at Long Time Gone, John Mac quotes a reply he got from a leftie commenter:

Liberals share news and views with the rest of planet [E]arth[,] and it all corroborates.* Conservatives hide in echo chambers where they can make up their own little world with its own little truths. The entire planet Earth agrees with Mr. Weir except for a small group of mostly older, male, white, religious, rural, poorly educated but [well-armed] Americans who believe they know better than everyone else.

This is where you reply “wait until the election and then you’ll see” because you have nothing else to stand on, no truth, no foundation, nothing, just another lame prediction of the future based on the usual, which is your own echo chamber on your own planet.

Enjoy your little planet[,] but Earth is leaving you behind, and you’re trying to hurt the rest of us because you know it’s true.

John wrote that it wouldn't be worthwhile to dignify such ignorance with a response, and he's right. Meanwhile, in another part of cyberspace, leftie Tim Pool says it's the left that's living inside its own reality-denying bubble:

You might want to do yourself a favor and watch this video's first 5 or so minutes so you can catch what Pool was originally talking about: the Democrats may have just scored an own-goal in their neverending attempts to take Trump down.

*The verb corroborate is transitive, i.e., it needs an object. It can't be used intransitively, the way it's being used above. You can corroborate someone else's testimony, but you can't say, "The testimony corroborates." Suggested rewrite: use a verb that can be intransitive, such as dovetail or fit together, instead.

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