Thursday, January 16, 2020

still life by #3 Ajumma

#3 Ajumma's husband, my mother's cousin (third of four brothers, hence "#3 Ajeossi"), died of liver cancer on January 17 of last year, which also happens to be the date of my father's birthday. (Dad is 78 this year, but we haven't spoken in nearly a decade.) Anyway, Ajumma continues to produce beautiful paintings, and below is her latest:

A still life is called une nature morte in French (dead nature) and a jeongmul-hwa (정물화, tranquil-object-art) in Korean. Considering we're in the dead of winter, Ajumma's lovely painting strikes me as a dream of spring.

UPDATE: Ajumma just texted me another image:

When I saw this as a small thumbnail, I initially thought it was a photograph. Wow.

CORRECTION: #3 Ajeossi apparently passed on this day, i.e., on the 16th. Last year, I got the message about his passing on the 17th. My mistake.


The Maximum Leader said...

These are both really great. I especially like the second one of th houses on the lake. Really wonderful.

John Mac said...

Yeah, just wanted to chime in too. Outstanding work. As you said, both are very realistic and the houses on the lake do have a photographic feel about them. I'm really impressed with the hazy background, I'd have no clue how to paint in a way that captures that look. Good job!