Sunday, January 05, 2020

Luca Rossi: one to watch

Here's a young Aussie who's got his head on straight: Luca Rossi!

Young Luca might be aiming at an audience of his peers, but some of us old farts are willing to give him a listen. Note that all he's doing is giving a fair shake to the side of the discussion that is routinely repressed and suppressed by the mainstream media and its leftist allies. He's not actually cheerleading for one side—he's striving for balance. This distinction will, of course, be lost on many lefties, who have themselves lost the ability to see difference and nuance. This is, currently, what my own project on this blog is. I have repeatedly noted that I don't consider myself an out-and-out conservative, but by the metrics of today's wild-eyed left, I might as well be Hitler. Tim Pool notes with amusement and horror that many lefties see him as an alt-right troll, which shows how deep the insanity goes. All I'm trying to do is point out the major lies, hypocrisies, and other inconsistencies constantly emanating from the left these days. If all I get in response is the tu quoque fallacy of "Well, the right lies, too," then my intended audience still doesn't get my point. They need to hit a mental reset button and try again.

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