Saturday, January 25, 2020

darkness rises, and light to meet it

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez has a possible rival in the form of Catalina Lauf, and now it appears that Ilhan Omar may have to contend with Republican firebrand—and Iraqi immigrant—Dalia Al-Aqidi. Al-Aqidi is fed up with Omar's lack of loyalty to her adoptive country: "I chose to run for Congress because I believe Ilhan Omar is doing irreparable harm to both Minnesota and America. Her consistent anti-Semitism and hateful rhetoric are toxic and serve only to gain attention for herself and position herself as a celebrity—she's not fighting for us; she is fighting for herself, even if that means fighting against us."

I wish this brave woman the best of luck. Take that treasonous, scum-sucking bitch down. And while you're at it, educate those asinine 5th-district voters—drooling morons with no clue what's good for them—who elevated Ilhan Omar to public office in the first place. Start by teaching them basic economics, then point out how leftists like Omar are only about identity politics, not about representing the people. Omar is fanatically focused on her own race, her ethnicity, and her religion. Like so many in similar positions (e.g., the other members of the Squad), she is unable to see past her demographic traits in order to serve the wider people. As Al-Aqidi says, Omar is indeed fighting for herself.

From the above-linked article:

"I was inspired to launch my campaign because I believe the residents of this district need someone fighting for them, not DC insiders and foreign influences. Our country needs leaders who actually love America."

Al-Aqidi said Omar needs to be replaced, accusing the incumbent of being a voice of opposition to President Donald Trump and fueling division while supporting America’s enemies.

"Omar has spent her entire time in Washington sowing seeds of division and actively supporting our enemies, while also doing everything she can to prop up her own celebrity status instead of fighting for her constituents," Al-Aqidi said.

"Even when President Trump has taken action to help her constituents, Omar condemns him simply out of personal hatred. Meanwhile, more scandal and corruption flood out of her office every week. Minnesota's 5th district deserves someone who is fighting for them, not the radical left in DC."

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