Tuesday, January 28, 2020

second kilo lost

I've already written about how I'm doing a lot wrong in my current diet, but it seems I'm also doing something right: I weighed myself on Monday afternoon and saw I had dropped another 1.5 kilos. I'm now down from a shameful high of 128 kg to an ever-so-slightly-less-shameful 125.5 kg. MyFitnessPal has been key in allowing me to (1) keep track of my eating habits and (2) end each day with a caloric deficit. The keto might not be working (because I haven't allowed the process to happen thanks to a lack of willpower), but fasting for three days out of the week, distance walking six out of seven days per week, and doing intermittent fasting on the days I do eat all seem to be having an effect. It's just that the effect is taking a while to manifest. 2.5 kilos lost in about 3 weeks' time means a weekly loss of about 0.83 kg per week. That's not horrible... as long as I can keep this up.

Just 34.5 kilos to go.

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Daniel said...

Check out those exogenous molecules I mentioned. Make weight loss a whole lot easier!