Saturday, January 11, 2020

vindication! validation!

Andong discovers a method I've been using for years:

Yes: to make your gyro meat (or döner meat, in Andong's case), first grind it into a paste, mold it to the desired loaf-like shape, freeze it, then slice it into thin strips (unevenly is okay, as Andong also notes in the above vid), then finally pan-fry it. The main difference between my approach and Andong's is that he takes the unnecessary step of baking his meat first, then keeping the fatty juices on the side as a way to moisten the thinly sliced strips later on, when he's frying them. I skip the baking part, and my meat, when I pan-fry it, comes out just fine—nice and moist and juicy, with a good variation in texture.

But it's reassuring to see that a talented cook like Andong has largely validated a process I've been using for years, now, when I make my gyro meat.

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