Tuesday, December 27, 2022

clots! (if you can get past the source...)

If you're on the right, you might tolerate a news organization like InfoWars. If you're on the left, you doubtless dismiss it outright as a source of disinformation. Personally, I rarely consult InfoWars given the wild-eyed people it's associated with. But if the organization is covering a story that originated elsewhere, I might be interested. With that in mind, this InfoWars article talks about a 10-inch blood clot removed from a living patient who'd been jabbed. Up to now, other news organizations have been talking about clots removed from cadavers, so this is fairly new. While the article doesn't say where, in the body, the clot came from, one of the two videos embedded in the article alleges that these clots come from the cardiac region. So these huge clots are stopping up hearts. Scary.

A massive 10-inch blood clot was removed from a live person who had received a Covid-19 vaccine.

The startling discovery was reported Christmas Day by renowned entrepreneur Steve Kirsch, who indicated the specimen was sent to a lab for further research.

“10” clot removed from LIVE person who was vaxxed,” Kirsch wrote on Twitter, asking, “Anyone ever seen this before vax rolled out??”

In a subsequent update, Kirsch noted the 10-inch long blood clot was “Sent for analysis and SILENCE.”

“I would love to know what the pathology lab thought of that monster,” commented one Twitter user. “As in… what is it? Looks more like a parasite than a clot.”

“They are SILENT,” Kirsch replied to the user.

The clot reported by Kirsch appears similar to ones observed by morticians and embalmers who have been noting strange long fibrous clots coming from the cadavers of vaccinated patients.

Speaking to the Dr. Drew show earlier this month, Idaho pathologist Dr. Ryan Cole discussed the fibrous “foot-long blood clots” taken out of autopsy patients, describing, “What there is is unusual amounts of collected proteins…there are unusual combinations of proteins that make these very difficult for the body to dissolve.”

The Dr. Drew video is the more informative of the two embedded videos. It's long at 1:17:40; I watched a few minutes of it. The whole thing is creepy as hell, and I continue to worry about my jabbed friends and relatives even if this is a rare thing.

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  1. I continue not to worry about myself, but I appreciate the thought.



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