Saturday, December 17, 2022

Hollywood has no idea what it wants

The #MeToo movement started off as a pushback against predatory men. But along comes actor Neal McDonough, an actor whose face you undoubtedly know because he pops up everywhere (I remember him best for "Star Trek: First Contact"). McDonough is a Christian who refuses to do kissing or sex scenes because, per the quote from the video below, he loves his wife more than his career. Because of this stance, McDonough has been effectively blacklisted by Hollywood. So here, you have the example of a man who refuses to touch other women in an untoward way out of faithfulness to his wife, and you'd think this would be exactly what the #MeToo movement that has swept through Hollywood would want. But, no! If you're a Christian prude who won't do the kissy-sexy, you get kicked in the head and put on a list. Misbehave, get burned. Behave, get burned. 

Which is it, Hollywood? What do you want?

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