Tuesday, December 27, 2022

today's the day

My boss was supposed to see our CEO at 8 p.m. tonight, but the meeting got moved to the very rude hour of 10 p.m., which is par for the course for the CEO, who both likes to jerk people around when it comes to meeting times and likes to have meetings at a very late hour. CEO's prerogative, I guess: mess with the troops all you want.

So the boss will visit our office here in the Mido building sometime after 6 p.m., right as I'm heading out the door. I'll wish him good luck, and maybe I'll find out the results of the meeting tomorrow unless the boss decides to call me tonight.

Meanwhile, I've got two more boxes of my personal stuff left to move, one of which is a heavy fucker. I think I'll take a cab home tonight. So far, no word on moving to my new office. Maybe the boss's conversation with the CEO will determine my fate.

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