Thursday, December 22, 2022

"conspiracy theory," my big, fat, off-white ass

"It's misinformation!"
"It's Russian agitprop!"
"It's GOP fearmongering!"
"It's a nothingburger!"
"It's unsurprising right-wing nonsense!"
"It's a conspiracy theory!"

The above quotes are all examples of gaslighting—attempts to make you feel as if you're only seeing things, that you're somehow wrong or misguided in your perceptions (read about the history of the word here). We've certainly heard plenty of gaslighting about how the federal government, news networks, and Big Tech operate, but now with the Twitter files exposing all the shenanigans, there's nowhere left to hide and nothing more to gaslight. Not that I expect any of this to stop the left from continuing in its insanity, but as the left loses its ability to control the flow of information, I can only hope that more people will wake up and realize that, for years now, we've had a fight on our hands. Here's Styx on the FBI's lame attempts at gaslighting. As he points out, the FBI can't claim the Twitter files are a nothingburger while also issuing a press release in response to what those files have revealed. A nothingburger isn't worthy of a response, yet here we are, with an FBI press release.

Someone's sweating.

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