Saturday, December 17, 2022

Mark Kermode really doesn't like "Avatar: The Way of Water"

I'm kind of iffy about seeing "Avatar: The Way of Water." Most likely, I'll see it—if I see it—once it's on home video, assuming it's available on one of the three(!) streaming services I use: Amazon Prime Video, Apple TV, and Netflix. (Not a penny more to the infernal mouse or anyone else.) Most of the critics I usually watch and listen to seem pretty gaga over the new movie in terms of special effects, but almost all of them think the story and emotional content are a bit shallow (pardon the hydro-pun). Still, these critics are overall positive about the movie... but then Mark Kermode comes along and shits all over it. You've got to watch this because I'm pretty sure that, if you go elsewhere, you're going to hear nothing but positive reviews from people hypnotized by the imagery:

Kermode isn't nearly this theatrical in his other reviews. He truly hated this film.

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