Friday, December 23, 2022

unanticipated day off

My Korean coworker texted, yesterday evening, to say he wouldn't be coming in on Friday. My boss called today to say my American coworker was taking a vacation day, so, since I really have nothing left to do, I might as well also take the day off. 

It's bright and cold outside; if I were younger, I might go frolic in the park by my building. But I'm old, and I'd rather slide back into bed and wait for my eventual death. It's so cold out that I'm having to crank up my floor heater: for the past few weeks, I've kept the heat level at 4 (out of 10) at night, but given how far below freezing it's gotten over the past couple of days, I'm now at 6. And it's still cold in my place.

Big Christmas plans include Skyping with my buddy Mike on Christmas Eve and cranking out more pasta on Christmas Day. How about you? Are you under a blanket, waiting for death, or are you out there having a life?


Charles said...

The wind chill was supposedly -22 on my walk to the office this morning, but it felt more like -25.

Christmas for us will be a traditional meal of pizza, followed by rum raisin cake (which I will be making tomorrow). Then I think we're going to watch the Guardians of the Galaxy holiday special.

Kevin Kim said...

Ah. So you subscribe to the Devil Rat. I did, too, once upon a time.

Charles said...

Um... not exactly. Let's just say I have a friend who dropped me a little present.

Kevin Kim said...

Congratulations, I guess.

John Mac said...

I know what you's 24C out there this morning. I'm going to walk anyway, but I'll probably stick to the beach.

I'll be making a batch of my Aunt Pat's Recipe World Famous Fruit Salad for Christmas this year.

Enjoy your holiday!

Kevin Kim said...

John, enjoy those frigid temps.