Thursday, October 09, 2003

all is not blissful

If you've been following the Korea- and Chinabloggers, you may have noticed a, uh, disagreement has erupted among some of the liberal and conservative expats. Start with Adam Morris' North Korea analysis (Brainy Smurf's a liberal), them move over to the Marmot's reply (Robert's a conservative), then hit Gweilo Diaries (also conservative) for another reply to Adam. Then hit the Gweilo's comments section to read Adam's reply. You'll note the Gweilo says a lot of the same things the Marmot does.

So much for the already-fucked idea of blogger solidarity. I think blogging is simply the next step up from message boards: everyone gets their own patch of cyberstreet on which they can declaim their gospel 24/7. As Glenn contended long ago, it brings out all us narcissists.

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