Friday, October 24, 2003

the soporific presence of the Hominid et le parcours coréen

Damn. Gone for a day and everyone gets hyperactive.

Some metablogging for you:

Visit Kevin at IA for his appreciation of Fareed Zakaria.

And Kevin reminds us of the comforts and sights of home.

The Marmot is all over the place.

1. Robert points to a Flying Yangban article indicating that Noh needs to triangulate. This is something I've indirectly argued whenever I unfavorably compare Noh's triangulation skills to Clinton's. I can't help feeling Noh is feckless and pitiable. He's an awful leader who evokes in me a strong desire to kick him repeatedly. And he's NK bitchest bitch.

2. Here's a reminder that not all Koreans hate us.

3. And lastly, a huge, thorough fisking of a Hankyoreh article. Some Marmotic meatiness:

Firstly, if it's true that investors will flee South Korea should it send troops to Iraq (complete horseshit, BTW), wait until you see how fast they run when it's the 8th Army getting sent to Iraq instead. Ditto goes for the risk rating. Besides, no matter how hard I try, I can't think of a single possible scenario in which seeing Iraq go to hell results in tangible economic benefits to Korea. And if there's an argument that pisses me off most, it's the one that goes "Oh no, if we send combat troops, we'll become a target of terrorists!" Unfortunately, it's one of the most commonly heard. Look, the US spent nearly fifty years making its own cities targets for Soviet missiles in order to guarantee the security of Western Europe and the Pacific Rim. Since the conclusion of the Korean War in 1953, the US has placed its own men and women at risk along the DMZ in order to ensure the security of South Korea. Now, because of its mutual security pact with the ROK, American cities may very well become the targets of North Korean nuclear warheads. I'm fairly sure that the Korean government would take a very dim view of things should the Americans one day decide that, well, although they'd like to help South Korea ward off an invasion from the North, they simply do not want to put LA or Seatle at risk. Afraid of becoming a "target for terrorists?" Cry me a fuckin' river. Iraq aside, any assistance that the South Korean government decides to provide us in the "War on Terror" is going to make it a target, and if that's a cost the ROK government is unwilling to pay, then it can no longer be called an ally in that war. And if I've said it once, I'll say it a thousand times - if South Korea shows no interest in American security concerns - and such a lack of interest is implied in Kim's piece - then stick a fork in the US-ROK alliance, because it is wholly and truly done.

The Vulture stares Koreaward and offers some thoughts.

1. A recent bus accident kills 18 hikers. Choice quote:

If the pattern holds, expect to hear that it wasn't entirely an accident... that there was some negligence involved, perhaps by the driver or a mechanic. Then, you'll see editorials lamenting how Koreans are too palli-palli and that they show no concern for the safety of themselves or others. Commentators will call for new safety regulations and there will be total agreement that Koreans need to be more aware of safety issues. And then... nothing. The whole matter will evaporate into the ether... gone and forgotten.

2. A post on "the hidden gulag" and a statement of opposition to any agreements with NK. I'm completely and absolutely with Brian on this. The piece of filth leading NK into the gutter doesn't deserve a damn thing from us or anyone else.

3. Yonsei memories and the segregation of international students.

4. The problem with "uri" ("us, our, we"; often romanized "woori," but pronounced "oo-ree" with a Spanish "r," not "yu-ri" or "wu-ri") as a trendy adjective.

Seeing Eye Blog presents: The Stick of Justice makes an appearance, and it's not Bill Clinton's dick.

Great survey over at Infidel World re: Korean education, bribes and hojuje, and the eternal question of illegal foreign workers (cough).

Choice Infidel quote:

I'm no longer apologetic for my parasitic position in this dysfunctional learning circus.

This is classic. I'm tempted to make this into a bumper sticker.

Stavros the Wonderchicken discovers the digicam.

The Pooper poops on politicians who vote themselves pay raises. Yeah; I think that stuff should be determined by national referendum: the politicians should be paid what the American people as a whole think they deserve.

K to K gives one of his rare but precious reports.

Drambuie Man is... unavailable at the moment. I tried the link and got a "page cannot be displayed." Wut up wid dat?

And that about rounds up the Koreabloggers.

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