Saturday, October 18, 2003

Hongik University Hope Market (Huimang Shijang): Come Join the Madness


If you happen to be in Seoul and want to drop by my humble stall, my fat, off-white ass will be parked at the Hope Market (Huimang Shijang) near Hongik University this Sunday, from noon to about 6PM, weather permitting. And while you're there, buy something. From me. There'll be abstract calligraphy, normal calligraphy, and enough Bodhidharma pics to make you wonder whether I'm obsessing.

The market shouldn't be too hard to find if you ask around. Take the subway to Hongdae Ipgu Station, and go out exit number 6. Walk to the big intersection (the one with traffic lights and a big-ass sign with an arrow pointing in the direction of Hongdae), and turn left. The street will start to go uphill. A little before you reach the end, you'll see a side street that splits diagonally off the street you're on. Walk up that and you'll see the Hope Market on your left. Be sure to ask as you walk, just to be sure you're on the right track.

By the way, I drew a naked picture of a woman I knew-- my lovely half-Turkish drama class partner from 2000. No, I never actually saw her naked, but one time she was wearing a white summer dress with light flower prints and she stood in front of a sun-filled window. For one glorious backlit moment I had a glimpse of Shangri-la. The dress disappeared and all that remained was a breathtaking rhapsody of firm, delicious curves. The sketch doesn't do her justice, but with Conrad over at Gweilo Diaries posting his favorite breast-enhanced chicks, and now Mike at Seeing Eye Blog doing his Half-Korean of the Day, I felt this blog needed a shot of estrogen. Picture forthcoming. I'll have to persuade my buddy Tom to scan it, because I'll be damned if I'm scanning this at a PC-bahng.

In the meantime... perhaps I'll see you at the market. Peef, yo.

UPDATE: A note of thanks to the Minister of Agriculture for his support re: my Sermon on the Mount (cf. Vomit Vile Vituperation, sidebar link). I'm glad the first reaction to that post wasn't hate mail, but I expect some dim asswipe will be along directly to try and teach me the error of my ways.

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