Tuesday, October 28, 2003

Ô rage! Ô désespoir! Internet Ronin exits the blogroll.

This is done with great regret, but I've nixed Internet Ronin from the blogroll. I like the guy's posts a lot, I envy the design of his blog, but the posting frequency is so sporadic that I'm convinced the man has a life. As such, he can't possibly be a real blogger, which means he has no place on my blogroll. I wish the Ronin luck with whatever is keeping him away from his blog, and I wonder whether I'll find a decent Japanblogger to replace him.

Mini-pontification: My blogroll isn't about link-whoring, which is how quite a few bloggers get their hits and up their SiteMeter/Technorati stats. You're on my blogroll because I make it a point to read you, religiously, every single day, because I think you've got something worth saying. The direct implication, then, is that I'm hopeful your blog will be regularly updated. If this isn't happening, I have to question why I put you on the blogroll. This isn't a personal critique; it certainly doesn't mean your blog is bad. But it does mean you've slipped below the radar of my short-but-voracious attention span. (Obviously I make exceptions for people announcing they're going to be gone for a while, for whatever reason.)

I kept the Ronin on the blogroll after a previous bout of doubtfulness because I saw a sudden spate of new posts. But this time around, I haven't seen a new post since October 10, so I think it may be time to part company. I did appreciate all that I read on your blog, though, sir, and will likely visit again.

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