Thursday, October 02, 2003

Spock! Close your ass, for God's sakes! More letters are flying out of it!

Wouldn't it be interesting if, in the next Harry Potter novel, the owls started shitting their messages onto the students?


And what if, after switching to the new shitting policy, the students were forced to exchange their owls for camels?

Man... can you imagine what a camel-shat Howler would look and sound like?

"Oh, God, Neville! Take it out of here before it kills us all! Damn your Gran!"

That is neither here nor there, however. Why?

Another letter has arrived!

[email follows]


In regards to your guest post by John Moore. I have worked for some time with a group that keeps an eye on the North and have a very simple observation to make. The North Koreans are masters of redundant systems. Every critical system in the NK infrastructure is designed to be easy to take down-- singly, but has so many alternates that it would be .. challenging.. to seriously impact anything except their above-ground transportation system. They watch the US' (and allied) methodology and behaviour very closely to predict our probable action in response to particular pressures. They have proven to be very good at double-dealing with the US. Given these two observations, I cannot but agree that it is unlikely that any critical production of materiel is being done above ground. I am uncertain that I agree that the bulk of NK focus is in developing uranium-based nukes or atomics, though I lack specific information in this regard. I will propose, though, that they are able to get the high quality refinement technology and precision electronics from a ready source. China has had the capability for some time, and NK is not above stealing what they may not be able to purchase.


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