Saturday, October 04, 2003

signs of the Apocalypse

Did you notice something missing from all those Bodhidharma pics? It's almost always there (when you take all the Bodhidharma artwork into consideration), but by sheer dumb luck I picked images that didn't include it. What feature am I talking about? Care to guess? There's a hint in one of my previous posts on the subject.

Yes, I'm pulling an "Amritas" here. But hey, since it appears I'm getting a few dozen hits per day, I thought I'd entertain you folks because you're kind enough to visit. Yeah, even you people doing Google searches on "Kristanna Loken's ass." Don't think I'm unaware. Site Meter knows ALL.

In other news...

You have to have a discriminating eye for these things, but there are indeed signs that the End of Days is upon us. Some of the signs have already come to pass:

Cats running backwards and barking.

Lions humping sheep. No, wait-- that's a tiger attacking Roy!

Arianna Huffington eating her own vomit on "Fear Factor."

Madonna pretending to be chaste.

Most of the apocalyptic prophecies I've read are vaguely worded:

A woman, a medusa, will rise from white water to rule the new of yore.

A man with large ears, inarticulate in two languages and apparently immune to criticism, will hold the fate of a wild and unruly people in his hands.

Who in the west can defeat the far-born man with iron breasts?

But some prophecies are worded pretty damn specifically, including The Final Sign:

The Maximum Leader will disown Ann Coulter and Rush Limbaugh.

[NB: It's actually the Air Marshal giving Rush the smackdown here, but the ML's remarks seem to indicate he condones this.]

Yes, I think the world's ending.

By the way, Peking Duck piles onto Rush pretty hard with a post titled "Rush Limbaugh's Bio." Good. Rush deserves whatever he gets, even if all this signals we're going to be eaten by two-ton demon-roaches after a skull-shaped meteor slams into the planet.

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