Thursday, October 23, 2003


I've been practicing the new and improved Bul Shim. Eventually, I'll be taking down the old art and putting up new pieces in their place over at Chewiest Tumors to give a better reflection of what the pieces will look like. I may also put up pieces reflecting a more "traditional" Bodhidharma, in case you, like the old guys, find my current Dalma-daesa too scary.

I'm also hoping to visit my buddy Tom and scan some comic strip art I've been working on-- all of it filthy. One includes a scene that shows genitals laughing. (I think I've been heavily influenced by French comic art. The Maximum Leader knows what I'm talking about; he's seen my humble collection of hardback French comics.) Stay tuned-- art in the next couple days, early next week at the very latest.

My brother David just sent an email reminding me of all the NoVA stuff I miss. His email reads in part:

get ready for tombs [BigHo note: this is The Tombs, a campus favorite for Georgetowners, located underground. Fortunately or unfortunately, the Tombs is run by the same group that runs the Clyde's chain, but the place is full of GU memorabilia, and the ambience is always lively... Jesus, I sound old]

get ready for silver diner [a chain resto, to be sure, but one of the few chains that keeps the prices low enough to reflect, sort of, actual diner-scale prices. Want to visit some REAL diners? Thanks to my buddy Steve doCarmo, I know of one or two in Allentown, PA]

get ready for clydes georgetown [I've been to Clyde's elsewhere, but not the one in G-town]

get ready for matrix 3 [been pumped since "Matrix 2." Gotta see whether my metaphysical speculation bears out.]

get ready for king street blues [a cute little three-story-tall burger/sandwich joint in Old Town Alexandria... not a bad place]

get ready for hard times cafe [one of Dr. doCarmo's favorite hangouts, along with a Thai place near the Alexandria courthouse. I disgust Steve by ordering the nasty Frito Pie, which is basically a bowl full of Fritos with a bunch of chili, cheese, sour cream, and some token shredded vegetables on top]

get ready for Alexandria VA

Yeah, I think I'm ready for a long break. Will be blogging from Alexandria, my home since birth, come early November. Will be there for two months. Two blessed months.

A note about NK research and the Marmot's referrals: I'd like to accept the kudos (and I'm thankful for the extra hits, which show up as huge spikes and skew my hit average) every time the Marmot refers people to this blog for whatever I write re: (North) Korea, but the fact is that you Hominid readers sitting in the other SiteMeter-verified 10-16 time zones could do the same research right from your keyboard. There's very little to laud in what I'm doing. So thanks, Robert, and thanks, readers, but this is no big thing. I'm just a religion student. Wanna send me praise? Buy some products or comment on my comic art when I slap it on the blog.


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